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Naujoji Anglija ir Šiaurės rytai
Rolling hills painted in autumn colors; covered bridges on country lanes; seaside resorts; lighthouses and history: America begins with a leisurely drive through scenic New England. Staying close to the rugged coastline, Highway 1 connects New England’s oldest settlements, the farming and fishing villages where English pioneers first made their start in the New World. Scenic country roads roll past Yankee farms in the heartland of Connecticut, before they climb into the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In Boston, the Freedom Trail retraces the path to American Independence. Northeast Fly-Drives feature the highlights of New England, Eastern Canada and the mid-Atlantic states. Here, the great cities of the Northeast are combined with select scenic drives, capturing the essence of this diverse and historic region.
Niujorko valstybės
2009 marked the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan and the Hudson River, and we are happy to feature a selection of New York State Fly-Drives specially designed for the occasion. New York City continues to draw many repeat visitors, and combined with a New York State Fly-Drive, passengers can both visit the Big Apple and explore Upstate New York’s many scenic lakes, waterfalls, mountains, vineyards, towns and villages.
America’s premier vacation destination! Florida’s beaches, climate and theme parks attract sun-seeking visitors from around the world.Florida Fly-Drives are designed for every type of passenger, whether it’s the family looking for fun in Orlando and a trip at the beach, or the party-goer looking for the night life in Miami and the easy life in Key West.
Pietų kelionės
Home of gospel, blues and country, jazz, soul and rock’n’roll, southern rhythms are the musical heartbeat of America, and southern highways are the roadmap of the American experience. Lazy river roads pass by southern plantations, where slaves once sang field songs and their children invented the blues. Scenic country roads wind through the Blue Ridge Mountains, where Scotch-Irish settlers played the folk tunes of their origin, eventually turning them into country music. Radio waves and modern highways criss-crossing Tennessee and Mississippi brought the styles together, mixed them with the exuberance of gospel, and rock’n’roll was born. Meanwhile, the streets of New Orleans absorbed the American, Creole, and West African roots of its inhabitants, creating the sounds of jazz. The American experience, that cross-pollination of diverse backgrounds and traditions into a distinctly American identity.
Vakarų kelionės
The myth of the American West has captured the imagination since frontier explorers first sent back reports of wide open spaces, abundant wildlife, pristine landscapes and an unspoiled wilderness where one could start anew and rewrite the story of his or her own life. Although civilization has long since closed that frontier, the myth still resonates in the popular imagination, and not only in America. The West Fly-Drive tours are designed to showcase the best of the West, combining the iconic imagery of her National Parks with the freedom of the road.
Oregonas ir Šiaurės Vakarų Ramusis vandenynas
A vast wilderness famous for its scenic beauty, open land, cultural experiences and rich history; it was the final stage of the 1804 to 1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition. Nine lighthouses stand guard along 393 miles of beaches where one might catch a glimpse of whales passing by. Find knowledge in the five major interpretive centers along the Oregon Trail. Embark to higher grounds to get a glimpse of the imposing snow-capped peaks and discover waterfalls along the way. Whether staying in the excitement of an urban jungle or in a small town, one can enjoy great culinary experiences, excellent pinots and microbrews.
Hawaii Tours
Admitted 50 years ago as the US’s 50th State, this central pacific archipelago is truly a paradise. It is like no other place on earth, but perhaps its most unique feature is the spirit of Aloha: the warmth of its people which complements the perfect tropical climate. There are six major islands to visit, each with a distinct personality. Whether seeking peace and solitude, or adventure and night-life, Hawaii Fly-Drives promise amazing discoveries throughout.